How can I make two million dollars, without the lottery?

I want to start saving up money to buy land when im older, but I need to start saving up now or I’ll never make enough… im 15 and I need some really good advice, im determined, but it seems almost impossible for me to do. It sounds crazy but I have my heart set on it. Its the only thing I want when im older… I dearly do not want to live in the suberbs or near any sign on people.

Answer #1

The first step is to learn financial discipline. It doesn’t matter how much you earn if you just spend everything you earn. Start now. If you have a job or get an allowance, or odd jobs baby sitting…or birthday money, or whatever source of money you have, put at least 20% aside and don’t spend it. Once you have about $1000 saved up, open an investment account with a reputable firm. If you want to invest in CDs, you might look at everbank. If you want lots of options (including options), try a reputable broker such as TDAmeritrade. You’ll need to study up on the basics of investing when you get to that point, so you can make decisions that are in line with your risk tolerance.

The next thing you need to do is look for a career that pays reasonably well. It used to be that going to college was the best way to get ahead, but that isn’t so true anymore unless you can get someone else to pay for it. Consider a trade instead of college if you’ll be funding college with loans. Electricians, plumbers, etc., are trades that pay better than most college degrees, and they can not be outsourced to India.

Next, make smart life choices that allow you to continue putting 20% of your takehome pay into savings. Don’t run out and buy the most expensive car you can afford. Don’t live in the most expensive house/apartment you can afford. Live below your means. Half of the 20% you’re putting aside is for emergencies (real emergencies, not an emergency new pair of shoes that look cute). The other half is the part you will never touch no matter what.

Other life choices that will maximize your savings:

  • Live together rather than getting married. You’ll share expenses, but without the financial risks of marriage. A divorce can financially destroy you. A spendthrift spouse can blow all your hard earned money frivolously, or commit both of you to debt without even your knowledge.

  • Don’t have children. They are extremely expensive. Get a dog instead.

Then just let time work for you to build up your nest egg.

Answer #2

sounds like, me im just simple, I want somwhere secluded I hate cars, and the cars I do like are old and inexpensive such as the ranchero. lol, im just simple. I like what comes to most use to me, not what I can get to make people think better of me, im sort of a hick lol

Answer #3

well realistically you cant just get 2 million dollars handed to you. but if you save money by going to work and being responsible with your money its defenetley not out of reach.

you can get a loan or make payments on your land. you can find descent land for like 2 thousand dollars especially if there isnt a lot of homes and stores around it. if its an area that has a lot more home and stores and a lot going on its more attractive to people and has more potential to make more money. so if you look for a piece of land maybe about 1 or 2 acres which is plenty, and if its semi secluded you can get it for cheap and pay like 1 or 2 hundred dollars a month

Answer #4

well, its obviously not going to be easy and its obviously not going to happen any time soon it may take you over 20 years to accomplish because that kind of money doesnt just come easily so you need to keep that in mind, and remember that you wont have what you want for a while but if you keep working towards it, it can eventually happen but one of the other ways, apart from the miniscule chance you have of actually winning the lottery is working and saving as much of that money as you can and you could also use some of that money to start up your own buisness in the hopes of making more money and mpore quickly though not every buisness is successfull

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