How to get a million people to send me a dollar each?

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That is the best question ever, and if you find an answer then please tell me it. I have asked myself and been asked by my moms boyfriend the same thing. and my dad.

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Have none of you seen the "Million dollar homepage"?

A guy made a hompage with one million pixels, and charged one dollar per pixel, selling it as advertising space. He allowed people to choose how many pixels they wanted to buy, and allowed them to choose an image to fit in that space. Click on that image and you're taken to the site of the person who bought the advertising.

Neat, huh?

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well, I can't say one million people will do it, but if you beg, I'm sure a lot of people will still give you a dollar. Make sure you're sneaky, by making sure you've got some money shown to the public, but not heaps, so they think you're making heaps. You know that's one of my goals for the future, to beg in a town where I'm not known, to see how much people make, because I'm sure they can make a decent ammount. So to who ever reads this, next time you see a begger, just think, that might be me.

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This can actually be achieved in two very easy steps :

Step 1. Ask one person to give you a dollar
Step 2. Repeat step 1. 999,999 more times

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Oh yeah...I forgot to ask...can you please send me a dollar for this advice?

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oh yeah I need to do that too

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lol unless you know 1 Million people, you may have a hard time! Try entering the powerball??

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I heard of a professor once, that quit his job for a year just to hold a sign on a street for money. He told his students about it and said that he'd be back the next year to let them know how it went.

I don't believe he went back...

He made $150,000.

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Macedonia Bitola

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