How can I make myself dream?

How can I make myself dream?

Answer #1

You dream during REM sleep. Things that stop you from REM are.. sleeping pills… smoking weed… otherwise you should be dreaming your head off every night.

Answer #2

google it or eat a lot of food before bed, spicy helps

also, I seem to dream when I get too much sleep so try getting like 15 hours on a saturday by the end you will be tripping

Answer #3

start keeping a dream journal. the more you pay attention to your dreams, the more you’ll remember them. but like ally said, you always dream. there are certain herbs that make you dream more, or at least makes them more vivid so you’ll remember them better. google those, there’s tons of sites dedicated to dreams. when you wake up of a morning, do your best to focus on what kind of mood you’re in and work from there. a lot of the time, mood is the thing that lasts with you the most from a dream. but if you can’t seem to remember them, don’t try to focus too much on the dreams; the more you TRY to remember them, the harder it is. eventually, it’ll come naturally that you’ll remember your dreams.

Answer #4

you have over 200 or something dreams each night, without fail, you just cant remember them.

‘There are ways to remember your dreams better. Some people find that it helps them to repeat one phrase to themselves while falling asleep, something like: “I will remember a dream tonight.” Although some find this calming, relaxing, and helpful, others find it distracting to forcibly think something rather than thinking streams of consciousness thoughts. However, if you ask to remember a dream, you probably will, eventually’

Answer #5

If you sleep without blankets it is known to make you dream more vivid memorable dreams also eat lots of nutmeg it stimulates your brain cells to give you a better memory only temporary affect lasting about 24 hours

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