How to make my booty bigger?

Ok...I Have A Little Tooty Booty RIGHT!! Ok...I Want To Know How Can I Make It Bigger...Ya know...A Little Junk In My Trunk! Haha

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ok here's the thing, do some squats, don't, I repeat DO NOT eat mcdonaldz. it works for some people like me :) and I have a great butt, then my friends asked me what I did, I told the m and they did it and got wider..not cute! try the squats

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Milk does a body good, but I don't think it makes your butt bigger. lol. You will have to do exercises to build up muscles in your butt. They also make undergarments that plump up the butt. But eating something specific will not work. It will make all of your body bigger, not just your butt. Try being happy with yourself.

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idk if this is true but alot of people say if u drink milk itll make your butt get bigger well idk but i drink milk and i have a good butt ... lol idk but why not try unless u dont like milk l8r

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I doing squats and it's working try it!!!

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fried twinkies

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Hmm,try eating a lot of macdonaldz. I had a flat/small butt all my life then this one time I started eating macdonaldz like everyday after about 2 weekz my butt had actually gotten plump I went frm size 5 to 7 and most of the weight went to my booty:) umm my butt is back flat right now though kuz I decided that I liked being slim and went on a diet :-)

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ahaha. try lower-body exercises. also, i heard that carbs from bread & pasta goes towards your butt/thighs. and you could try chocoolate=)

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I really dont like bread are milk but my friend said eat beef ramen noodles

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u cant really make your butt get bigger I have a bigger butt and I hate it!!! I have always wanted a smaller one even tho im thin I dont like trunk!! haha

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