How can I make my nails grow fast?

Well I don’t realy bite my nails they just take ages to grow and I realy want to grow them long so I can do nice white tips , do anyone know the fastest way to grow them and I mean fast lol

Thanks guys xxx

Answer #1

My nails became stronger and whiter when I started taking a multivitamin regularly. It’s not a fast cure, but it will help make your nails stronger with whiter tips. Make sure the ingredients include folic acid (which is good for hair and nails) and calcium.

Answer #2

what sheslydia said is a good thing to do also try moustirising your hands every morning and night it helps make your nails grow quicker and stronger hope this helpsx x

Answer #3

type more, oh and play more ds

Answer #4

easy go to the nail salon get a full set with short tips as your nails grow they won’t break due to the acrylic and tell the manicurist to not file your nails down after each fill it will keep your nails short. p.s. get your and ails redone every two weeks.

Answer #5

go to holland and barratt, you can buy herbal tablets which make your hair and nails grow :)

Answer #6

I wanna know! lol

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