how can I make my hair grow as fast as it can?

ok so im not used to having my hair shorter then my shoulders. And I went in about a week ago to donate my hair and she cut it REALLY short.. well for me.. it was like at the bottome of my ear!!! how do I make it grow out as fast as I possibly can. I need it to be long again in at least 5 months for my sisters wedding and I cant afford extentions or anything like that. PLEASE HELP!!! =((

Answer #1

your hair will grow back but if you want it to grow a little bit faster you can go buy prenatle vitamins and they help your hair and nails grow hope it all works out for you :)

Answer #2

aw. well, my mum makes me drink milk to grow my hair for some reason. it works though. it will be shoulder length by 5 months though, dont worry! I’m sure it’s a good change for now, dont worry about it too much (:

Answer #3

Ummm…I don’t know anything about hair, but I would think you could either put your hair up or buy some of those cheap extensions from the store…but in 5 months, you should have longer hair!!

Answer #4

DON’T take prenatal vitamins if you are not pregnant. It’s really dangerous.

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