How can I make my hands bigger?

UHH okay so uhm well I freakin love to play guitar right, and I wanna learn big sur moon by buckethead yeah so… uh blah this is useless info.

So I have REALLY small hands im 14 and there are many 5th graders in my school with bigger hands then mine like really, from the beggining of my palm to my middle finger is like… 5/6 inches! And I wanna know if there is any way I can make my hands grow bigger, like any vitamins, or what I can do, because I really dont lke having small hands I want long bony hands any advice around this topic please help!!! :-l

Answer #1

tosay… lol I cant stay away from drums and well I thinka girly gutair player would be hot add me

Answer #2

um I dont think you can make your hands bigger maby da 5th graders big foots oppisite and arnt you da girl who wants to be a girly girl?

Answer #3

LOL yes indeed I am I wanna LOOK girly so maybe some dudes will stop treating me as a dude as well man but really, I can NEVER EVER give up my guitar!

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