How Can I Make Money Online?

How Can I Make Money Online? Most of the survey sites are only available to people from the US. I want to know is there any sites I can go on that can make money for me if I’m from Ireland.? I’m 14. I’ve already tried one website that offered it to Irish people but I was too young I had to be over 16. Thanks for any suggestions! =]

Answer #1

You just start blogging with free blog like and start posting on your choiced niche. Make your blog really attractive to the visitors, have tons of useful posting on your blog. Sign up with googe adsense and other advertisement sites and it is done you will be get paid monthly.

Answer #2

umm. you could try to sell stuff on ebay. just go to! and sell, selll, sell!

Answer #3

You can earn money by doing the domain reselling business.Through this you can earn money online .. If you are interested , get the reseller plan from .It has two plans which has more features..Through this you can get the domains at cheap & sell it to others..

Answer #4


I promise this is legit. Its a survey & online offers kind of website. So far ive made 30 dollars. At the beginning it may be slow, but as soon as you get it you can make money on this site no problem. (The Pay out is when you reach $20)

Answer #5

You can go for Forex trading.

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