How can I make him feel better?

I had sex with someone after me and my long distance boyfriend met. This was after we had only spent one night together. After we met we didn’t see each other again for about a month. We weren’t serious yet when I had sex with the other guy, but we were talking on the phone on a daily basis. I recently told him about this after knowing each other for about 5 months and going out for about 4, and he’s having problems coming to terms with it, especially since when he had asked me about it earlier in the relationship I told him I hadn’t slept with anyone else since we had met. I knew I should’ve told him before, but the relationship was going so well & I didn’t want it to end. Also, I didn’t think it would be such a big deal since we weren’t actually going out at the time. How can I make this easier for him? Anything? Or should I just leave him alone to deal with it himself? Please help! I really love this man!

Answer #1

I’m a guy that has been cheated on before. I have no bitterness whatsoever, but it took some pain and time to deal with it. I was hung up on “the reason” for the longest time. At that point the pain of the situation tends to undermine logic. Just the fact that you asked the question shows me that you care about him. Ride the storm out and do some soul-searching and, don’t beat yourself up. Just some input from a “regular guy”. Take care.

Answer #2

Just explain ALL of that to him and tell him that you realize that lying about something just to save face isn’t the best approach to the relationship. Let him know that you’ll be honest with him from now on.

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