How can I make masturbation feel good?

since I was nine, I’ve always masturbated by sort of rubbing my clit on a pillow. but recently, that hasn’t been getting me an orgasm at all. so I tried fingering myself, but I hardly feel anything. its been six months of failed attempts, and I think I even tore my hymn a little. so please, I really need help with this. also, I can’t buy anything and my mom won’t buy me an electric toothbrush because she has a bunch of brand new regular toothbrushes already. :( also again. down there smells really…salty, and it also tastes salty. I eat tons of fresh fruit, and I thought that was supposed make it smell and taste better.

Answer #1

uuh ew? lol wth a pillow… lol

Answer #2

a pillow ? right … whatever floats your boat . Use some lube , with your fingers . The sensation is amazing . Maybe get a vibrator sent to your friends house or something , one that lives on their own ?

Answer #3

dont worry im 14 and I still use a pellow… but a few ways to make it feel amazing is to look up some sexy picts ofguys or celebs you love and stare at them while you are rubbing you pussy… make sure you lick your fingers to make them wet before you start. it feels better… and if you finger yourself infront of the mirror and watch what you are doin it turns me on more…

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