How can i loose weight fast?

Im 16 years old and weight 260 pounds, im soo over weight I hate looking in the mirror.
I'm depressed over my weight, and I want to lose it as fast as I can. But I dont know how. Can you please help?

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well fist of all what you need is discipline, if you have that you can loose as much weight as you want to... a lot of people want to loose weight and eat like crazy, it doesn't work like that... their is this ALL NATURAL PRODUCT called HERBALIFE... my fiance has been taking it for a lil over a month and already lost 27 pounds... you take a shake in the morning before eating anything then you drink I tea following it (they taste good!). then you eat something HEALTHY for breakfast the dinner... no eating late past 6pm or 7pm... GIVE IT A TRY it works also WORKING OUT HELPS HERBALIFE WORK BETTER

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eat right, cut, wheat out of your diet, and eat protein before working out.
big breakfast, regular lunch, and a very small supper.
exercise, read some magazines, I recommend swimming it is the best sport you can do.
and don't be in such a rush, if you lose the weight too fast it is more likely to come back.

Good luck :D if you have more questions just ask me

best way to loose weight fast but safely and healthy

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