How can i loose my weight fast!!

ok, I have recently turned 14 and weigh 80kgs (FAT!!) and have a stomach!!!
School finishes soon so once the holidays start I want to start losing weight because next year im in year 10 and I really want this guy to notice me.
right now, I don't eat lunch but come home and have a sandwich wich I shouldn't eat...
does anyone have any suggestions on how to lose weight fast?? pills...macheines...diets...ANYTHING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

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Unfortunately there is no diet pill that is truly effective in helping you MAINTAIN weight loss, they might make you lose weight, but you'll probably end up gaining double the amount.

Here's how to lose weight AND MAINTAIN IT:

Eat HEALTHY and PROPERLY. (Cut out sugars and unnecessary fats from your diet.)

Fish, vegetable and fruits are a great way to maintain your figure and stay healthy.

Also there is no FAST way to lose weight. PROPER weight loss take time, about 2 kg a week is healthy to lose. Also if you lose it properly then you'll maintain it.

Weight loss isn't about just losing weight it is about CHANGING your lifestyle for the best.

Another thing is exercise. Running, cycling and swimming are your best cardio-vascular exercise (exercise that increases your heart rate and makes you lose weight) and you should try and do at least one of the three for about a half an hour every day.

Another thing (mostly overlooked in my opinion) is try to boost your self confidence, obviously weight loss will help for that, but try and do things you were always scared of doing, like dancing, rock climbing or whatever you feel that you would like to accomplish but have been to scared off. If you boost your self confidence then you'll WANT TO take better care of your body and that will help you lose weight.

And lastly remember. YOU SHOULD be enjoying your work out, find exercise that you like doing.

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Well eating healthier & a lot of exercise, but don't starve urself. you have 2 eat every 3 hourse or so. It's ok 2 eat a sandwich just eliminate the mayo 4 honey mustard, turkey, chicken, fruits, veggies, whole wheat bread. If you are craving sweets eat fruit a piece of dark chocolate is always cool. you can eat salads, small portions of brown rice with whatever. No soda, cakes, try granola bars, nuts, a lot of water is very important. Then go 2 a gym with your friends you can run or walk, take some aerobics classes. Here & there have 1 cookie or a very small piece of cake. you have 2 learn how 2 cut things in 1/2

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