How can I legally get emancipated?

I’m 15 and currently live in San Antonio, Texas. I want to be emancipated from my parents, but I don’t want to go to my uncle who’s an attorney. I am currently going to school, but that’s part of the problem. I don’t like the school I’m at, I don’t like my parents, and I don’t like them trying to control me. Just because my sis got pregnant at a young age doesn’t mean I will! They get all hissy every time I hug or kiss a guy I know and every time I point a cute pregnant girl my mom gets all PMS on me. It’s sooo super annoying. Which is why I want to be emancipated. They won’t let me get a job this summer and I really want to start making my own money. I’ll be 16 in December. Hopefully I’ll be emancipated by then . . .

Answer #1

same as everyone else said and when parents are to strict it just means they care.

Answer #2

No offense or anything but because you dont like rules doesnt mean you can emancipate your parents.

Answer #3

This is not really an anserw it’s a question my nephew is in a real bind his mother is considered unfit and he has been living with his dad and step mother step sister and step brother. They constantly give the step children everything as well as let them get away with everything but my nephew has been lashing out he kept good grades untill this year because he’s made to write sentences everyday for no reason and if they are not done by the time his dad and step mom gets home he gets in more trouble he has been beat by his dad smack in the face by hos step mother and more I took him yesturday to the police station to report this or he was going to runaway and they have court on tuesday he is now scared he will be put into a bots home his dad is up for child abuse can he get emancipated or put in a foster home what can I do to help

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OkaY people please help me I’ve been doing a lot of thinking latley and I have come to the discion and I want to get emanipated. Im not like everyone who hates the rules or anything like that. My parents dont like me they dont want to see me succede I want to make something out of my life and becuase they didnt get the oppurtunitys im getting there keeping me locked in this house and cant do nothing he yells at me trys to hit me wont even talk to me or let me say my point of view its hard for me and the only thing I want to do is run away but thats not going to get me anywhere so I really want to get emanciapted and put into a good family who will help me be who I want to be!!! Pls help me!! E mail me at

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true bt technically you can be informwelyy emancipated under common law if you do a few things like if you marreid or if you moved out and supported your self tyhen the state considers you emacipated

Answer #6

I’ve been trying to emancipate myself, and I don’t know how. Anyone? Can someone help?

Answer #7

I am 15 and will be 16 in 6 days from today and I live in Missouri, I want to know if I can be emancipated or is there another way to move out. I am currently looking for jobs and will be saving up money to buy an apartment and I am homeschooled and I am in the 11th grade and I am looking at college classes online to become a vet. Its not that my dad doesn’t care I know he does but its he favors my sister over me and he treats her like she is the mom and I am the daughter he has ever sense he and my so called “mom” split but I don’t care about the splitting part b/c she beat all my siblings and me as a child and he just sat there and let her do it but know she lives far away and we don’t talk. But I still feel like somethings not right so I want out. How can I go about doing this if so without being emancipated? please help me and give me suggestions.

Answer #8

sameeisbored is right - you need a legitimate reason.

If every kid was granted emancipation just because their parents are too strict, there would be very few kids living under their parent’s roof.

Answer #9

If you are determined enough you can become emancipated just by becoming financially self sufficient. I don’t know where you live, so you should look up the laws in your area on the internet. There is a lot of information available, even on Wikipedia. There are also child advocates or child law centers wherever you live. Either go there, or talk to a guidance counsellor or nurse if you think they will keep it private.

I am so surprised that the people that have answered so far just dismiss your complaints like they are nothing. I have a funny feeling that there is more to your story than “not liking” your school. Good luck.

Answer #10

Legally, emancipation refers to the “removal of some of the disabilities of minority.” What that means is that when a minor becomes emancipated, s/he gets some of the rights of adults:

Take care !!

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