How do I know fer sure im not pregnant...?

I did something with my friends ex-boyfriend and well Im not sure if Im pregnant…I dont think seeing a doctor is an option or getting a test…But he wore a condom when we were acctually doing something.but there was a time when it was off of him… and yea…

Answer #1

You could wait to see if your late for your period but by that time it would be too late for the morning after pill. How come you cant buy a test? How are you feeling?

Answer #2

I dont think seeing a doctor is an option or getting a test

Then you won’t know. Why isn’t getting a test an option. Surely if your old enough and mature enough to have sex you are mature enough to get a pregnancy test. JEEZ.

Oh and if you are pregnant and don’t know you risk your life and your baby’s by not getting enough nutrition and pre-natal care.

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