How can I keep my hair straight, when it keeps going wavy??

Please dont say”get a straightner” cause I have one and I straighten my hair for atleast an hour an a half and it starts to go back to wavy in about 2hours!!!

Answer #1

Go to the salon and get some cream that you put in before and after you straighten your hair. There’s one called SP wella enrich. GHD’s straighten your hair but when it’s winter the moisture gets into your hair and so you need something else to control it.

Answer #2

u can get it straightened at a salon with chemicals I think it lasts like a year or some thing I’ve never done it but heard that for a bit your hair is pretty dye afterwards

Answer #3

There is a treatment they can do in the salon to make it straight… My hairdresser was telling me something about a brazillian something… No chemicals so it isnt bad for your hair…

Answer #4

your straightner isnt hot enough and when your straightening your hair spray it with hair spray then straighten it and go over the same spot 3 times then brush threw it

Answer #5

hm, I think the problem is…you’re straightener isn’t hot enough OR whereever you are;its very humid. moisture makes the hair go right back to wavy. Try getting some ironing creme.. and DO NOT put your hair up for at least an hour after straightening and us a lose holder of you plan on keeping it straight all day =]

any more advice that you need. funmail me =]

hope I helped.

xoxo katie

Answer #6

the straightener not being hot enough isn’t the problem like the people about wrote. Basically its as simple as the fact that you have wavy or curly hair. Learn to love it. BUT OMG I hate it when it waves again, it used to happen to me until I went on a trip to europe where I bought this liquid you put on the tips of your hair (bottom of your hair) and it doesnt curl!

I don’t know where they sell it in the U.S., but im sure they have it somewhere here. If I were u, I would ask someone who works at a salon, pshh its their job to know about hair!



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