How can I go back to my natural hair colour?

I want to go back to my natural colour of medium/light brown. I need a cheap easy way of doing this, preferably at home. Also something that is quick and won’t take months.

Answer #1

lol look for a dye that will work on really dark hair. lol. I did this to myself once too. I was only trying to go brown from blonde but messed up and went dark brown then decided to go back to blonde. it worked in one dying, but looked a lil orangish. lol. but it went away.

Answer #2

I dyed my hair a really dark brown that looked almost black too last summer and I also hated it. What I did is there is this thing called Color Oops that you can get at the pharmacy and it doesn’t damage your hair or anything and you can dye your hair again right away after using it. It removes your color pretty good if you follow the directions. First my hair was kind of an auburn color after I used the Color Oops so I dyed it a Light Ash Brown which is close to my natural color and now my hair is back. You can try that.

Answer #3

Dark brown, near enough black

Answer #4

Shave your head? :)

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