How can i get whiter teeth without paying millions?

I have like yellow teeth yet I brush twice a day- don't some or have a lot of acidic foods and generally take good care of my teeth. So how can I get them looking white without paying a huge amount of money!?

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actually---my mom has the whitest teeth I know. true story. she actually was told to use baking soda and rub that on your tooth brush along with your toothpaste. don't swallow it of coarse but it does help! and it's cheap!!

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crest white strips work very well. myself and a lot fo my friends have used them and they work very very well. they arent that expensive either. hope this helps :]

How can I get whiter teeth

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Whitening toothpaste really doesn't do anything.. think about it, when you brush your teeth, you rinse afterwards. What good will that do? The strips work because you have to leave them on for at least 25 minutes. The strips work, at least they did for me and everyone I know who has tried them. Whitening toothpaste, doesn't.

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well you may have soft teeth I have it to it just eans that your teeth are not as hard as others and your more likely to get cavitys/yellowings so try tooth paste with whitening stuff and try whitenening mouth wash you can also bleach your teeth too...but talk to your dentist also .. k peace out!

How can I whiten my teeth without paying more then like 20 dollars?

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whats the diffrent between baking soda and baking powder ??

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you can try baking soda I hear it works really well.hope I helped

Are there home remedies for whiter teeth?

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***The strips work, at least they did for me and everyone I know who has tried them***

...but they can increase your teeth's sensitivity.

What can I do to get whiter teeth without going to the dentist ?
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Pulp of a strawberry, it has natural cleansers.
And everything everyone else said too.

How do I make my teeth whiter?

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Brush your teeth every time right after you eat, floss, and use mouthwash.
And Whitestrips help too, hun.

How to make my teeth whiter?
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Grocery store... Crest Whitestrips..

Can I get my teeth whiter without dental whitening?

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