How can i get whiter teeth

I brush my teeth every morning sometimes befor I go to sleep but my teeth are not white I dont drink coffee but I doo drink soda (witch I couldent stop drinking because im addited to it)but how can I get whiter teeth without really expensive stuff like is there a good tooth paste or a trick please tell me

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the baking soda thing is supposed to be good...
but I use crest white strips, and they work REALLY good. and they are dentist approved ones, so you dont have to worry about them ruining the enamel on your teeth, as long as you follow the directions and dont leave them on longer than you are supposed to. ^^

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drinking too much soda or soft drink may stain your teeth, try drinking them via a straw that way the liquid doesnt touch your pearly whites to be.

spinkle a little of the baking soda (a white powder) on your toothpaste next time your in the bathroom brushing your teeth helps brighten then one shade.

How do I get whiter teeth naturally?

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BRUSH 2 TIMES A DAY!! there is lso a teeth bleecher I tried it but if you use it too much it may reck them

How can you get whiter teeth?
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It's more important to brush before bed than it is to brush in the morining. At night when you sleep is when the food and plaque is just sitting on your teeth and eating away at the enamal on your teeth. Start brushing before bed and cut down on soda.

How do you make your teeth whiter?

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A good, cheap method that would help is cutting back on and eventually kicking the soda habit. It makes stuff stick to your teeth.

how can I make my teeth whiter?
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ooo yes all you have to do is first brush your teeth with any kind of tooth paste. then use baking soda, brush your teeth with that and in 2 weeks your teeth shud be white az da moon at nite

Homemade ways to make teeth whiter?

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