How can I get rid of a zit

It’s on my chin and its red I used some avon cearskin stuff Its used for acne spots on your face to get rid of the Zits but it hasnt gone away and I have already used toothpaste That didnt work last night either what should I do!!!

Answer #1

u know, I have been told putting any natural toothpaste on a zit gets rid of it over night, and it actually kind of works, do it once a day for 3 days and its completely gone [: thats how I get my clear skin

Answer #2

I went to google and typed in ‘get rid of zit’ and here is one of the results. Check it out.

copy and paste it into your browser

Answer #3

wash your face every day, night and morning, and at night put proactive on it, or a cold ice cube, to open the pore

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