How can i get off the aol security edition?

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You mean how to get RID of it? Anything associated with AOL is going to problematic, except (usually) AIM. I don't know about the security edition, but after my trial period w/AOL (you know, the "1,000 minutes free thing") ended, I was still getting bills, though I had opted out. They claimed I didn't do it soon enough, so I called Verizon (they were adding it to my bill, since Verizon was also my ISP). So back then, when Verizon was still pretty nice, they simply dealt with AOL for me! Bonus.

Have you contacted AOL? If you have and they won't help you, try uninstalling it if you already haven't, then putting them on your list of blocked URL's for your firewall.

AOL has a nasty habit of SEEMING to disappear but hiding parts of itself in your Program Files. If you're not comfortable tinkering with these, get a friend to poke around and see if the program is still there...I bet it is!

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