How do i get my aol favorites back?

How can I access my "AOL Favorite Places" after deleting AOL and then installing AOL 9.1 ?? All my "Favorite Places" information data are gone !! I am lost !! HELP !!!

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I don't subscribe to AOL, they won't give me a live person !! I went to Settings faqvorite places but it still doesn't tell me where to get all of my favorite places back that I had before Iwhen deleted the Old AOL. I downloaded A new AOL 9.1 and there are none of the places that I had saved before !! Frustrating ! HELP - AGAIN !

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You should be able to restore for your screen name by going to Settings --> Favorite Places. If that doesn't work, you should call AOL customer support (1-888-346-3704) and they should restore it manually for you.

Good luck.

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Try this website, search for lost favorites (or something like that)

AOL Favorites???
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I ad to back up my compuyer. now, I cn't find my favorite places or my address book.

How do I get my favorites tab on aol back

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let me recommend this man,Michael, he helped

me while i was having the same problem and he

doesn’t charge much,contact him on e-mail


Is there a way to restore AOL Favorite Places?

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