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How can I get her to see I'm an adult?

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Sorry but this is going to be long I have to explain it all.
My Aunt is a retired 5th grade teacher she was a teacher for most of her life. She has been extreamly helpfull twards me in some aspects and I am glad to have her, just wish things were different. The fact that she treats me like a 5th grader really bothers me I am in my 20's, hello 5th grade was like 10yrs ago. For instance I have lived on my own over the past 5 years but still kept in touch. She lives in a richy white suburban area where there isn't a lot of traffick. I live in a ghetto brick apartment building and take the public bus every day, with the wellfare mothers of 10 kids, the drug addicts, and the creepy smelly old guys. When she comes to pick me up she always locks her doors I don't understand and this is whats got me ticking...I used to go to disney land with her every summer when I was little, then when I was 19 she invited me to go. At that time I had my lisence and thought it was agreed that I could get a rental car so I wouldn't have to stay in the theme park. The whole week I was stuck in disney hell I had to hold her hand when we crossed the road, every time I went to the restroom she had to come with me because something might happen to me, also I was unable to to anything that a 19yr old would want to do. When I was 19 I lived by myself working 2 jobs and paying rent electric and my phone bill. When ever I go to visit her I can't watch a movie unless it's rated PG, this is crazy! It's like she lives in a fantasy land and doesn't realise things that happen in the world. Why is she treating me this way? If I ever have to talk to her about something important she just blocks it out and pretends that I'm a 5th grader. I'm in my 20's and I feel that I am responsible but her treating me like this makes it seem like I'm not an adult. I have something I need toher about that is very important but I think she will make me feel immature and by her acting this way it doesn't encourage me to take on the responsibilities of an adult. How can I make her see me for me and not as a 5th grader?