How to get bigger boobs?

Is There Any way I can gain weight around my boobs? im a 32B and I would love to have them bigger without surgery or faddy creams. Any techniques or diets, anything?
Thanks:) x

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you shud bend down and just rub thn for about 5 inutes every morning and night, this will help because you are stretching the skin so the muscle will grow inside,x hope this works.x

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im 16 and im an 34a how can I get bigger ones

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I'm 13 and Am a 30B I hate it because they are really small and I cant get a 30 anywhere and I kind of feel jealous of my friend since she is a c and my other friend is a d but I just want them to be a bit bigger than they are Also I havent started my period yet so could that effect it in any way??

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rub them every night with exfoliator and wash off with cold water :) it really helps. I was 32A for like 3 years and then did this for a few months and went to a 34B :)

How can I naturally make my boobs bigger?

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I am a 32B, oh so I tell people because I've never been measured I would love a natural clevage and to be at least a C cup but I guess I am just the way I am and I'm still young so I guess they have time to grow.
The advice on padded bras and stuff doesn't work if you have a boyfriend who wants to get touchy feely because by the time he's felt the padding he will probably be thinking 'what the f*ck'

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I were a 36 B and I sort of wish that they were smaller.

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Surgery is the only way!

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you dont want bigger boobs! trust me
a 32 b is fineee!
I so wish mine were that size.
I wear a 38 DDD, and I hate them soo bad
im sure if yours were bigger, you would want them smaller.. so you should just be happy with them
they arent that small or that big :]

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tyra banks does this.What you fo is your suposed is rub skin lotion on your boobs to make them look healthy and looked if as she got surgery so take some skin lotion rubit on in the morning and at night and do not sleep with a bra on oh ya if you were built in bra with a te shirt it il make your breast smaller and pointy so try padded bras,pushup bras.And were a loose one but neer stuff it because what you want is to try to go for a nautral look so just dont stuff it
because guys will make front of you if ya do .so try theese tips and if you hae a sudden urge to itch there it because there growing so ich them
Good luck Email me to tell me how it goes

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im 36 c and I want bigger boobs to dont worry but it will come naturally

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If you want your boobs to look bigger if you're going out or something, buy an air pocketed or gel pocketed bra. They have pockets of air (or gel) at the bottom of the bra which means when you put the bra on, it pushes your boobs up a bit and makes them look bigger.
Either that or buy a padded Wonderbra.
If you actually want bigger boobs instead of just having them look bigger (by wearing a bra) you can do different exercises to make them bigger (it makes the muscle bigger).

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ok im 13 and barley a 34A and all my friends are like c's and b's. my mom is a 34B so I no im not going to get much bigger but is there any exercises I can do? I would like to be a C but deffitly NOT a D! please help me!

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guys what you have to do is look after yourslef
what I did I was a 34a for abou2 years so I fort I needed bigger boobs and the thing that worked best for me was getting kfc regualry and gradually my breats grew to a reasonable 24c and now I feel sexy and confident :D
it really works
good luck

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so any one can help me with this question? what happens if you always wear a bra when you sleep and stuff and your too lazy to take it off or you get cold in th emorning or whaver hahah

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You can start by sleeping without a bra on. Those are some of the first things you could do. A majority of people play with them to make them bigger.

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SERIOUSLY!!! you guys have NOTHING to worry about. im 16 and a friggin 12A. and that doesnt even fit me right. I think its cz for nearly 2 years I havnt been eating a lot and im very very thin but its so hard now to put on weight. but seriously I would killl to even be a B cup!!! im thinking of going on the pill cz my friend said it actually works. also a girl at a bra shop said eating cagged chickens like KFC cz they are full of hormones that have been pumped into them and turkey.

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I'm 16, just left school and have very very small boobs; well I think I do! I have never been measured properly apart from going to La Senza (bra shop) and them giving me a 30C which was very tight for me so I'm guessing I'm not that size :-/ also 30C is hard to get hold off in shops apart from actual bra shops which cost a fortune!
Anyway, one day my boobs feel big in a way the next they are small, and I do see & feel a difference as they are full in my 32B bra then some other times there is a gap from the bra to my breast!! I have a lot of different size bras such as: 32B & 34B and sometimes they fit in each, sometimes they don't, I'm sooo confused!!
Thirdly I have a boyfriend, we've been going out a year & a week now and I hate taking my top off infront of him, I wouldn't be bothered if they were massive, but they arn't so I don't like taking my bra off that much. He says he likes them, but I know it's just to make me feel better.
Therefor does anyone know any ways of getting bigger boobs wihtout surgery or tablets (except "the pill") I WANT BIGGER BOOOBS!!
Thanks a lot, Chantel x

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im 15 and sounds silly but me and my boyfriend have been going out for 3 years and he proposed to me the other day, I obviously said yes and he has seen me naked when I used to be anorexic also and recently I have rocovered from it and I dont want him to see me naked now because he might not like my body im 8 and a half stone now and I feel really fat IS THERE ANYWAY I COULD MAKE MY BOOBS MUCH BIGGER SO MY STOMACH DOESNT LOOK SO HUGE
I would really appreciate it :D

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im 10 and I wear a 34b and I dont like wearing my bras and I tried all of them what can I do help me please

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if I were you guys I wouldnt want bigger boobs I am a 34d and they are a big bother they hurt and sag and it is hard to find bras that fit the right way over all they ar just a big pain

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i need bigger boobs and these arent answers

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