How can i gain willpower?

I want to lose a little bit of weight, but I have no will power whatsoever.
I give in to temptation sooo easily and it's really annoying because I can't stick to anything.

Also, what are some fast ways to lose weight? I heard swimming is great for losing weight, but is it true? And how long would you actually have to swim for?

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Tell people about it - then the pressure is on you not to let them down...I wish you the best !!

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Gain will power in small steps. Small victories over time will help you get that will power.

Lose weight by finding an activity that you LIKE. Then you will likely stay with it.
Swimming, tennis, volleyball, jogging, dog walking, dancing, skipping rope, football, what ever.
Lose weight by eating more modestly. Smaller servings and wiser choices.
AND ... keep your expectations based in reality. 2-3 pounds A MONTH is reasonable. Plan for the long haul, NOT "Swimming season is in 6 weeks and I have to lose 50 pounds!!!". (Instead plan for NEXT year.)
Good Luck!!

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