How can i fix this game ?

Okay, there seems to be a problem with my Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas video game.

It'll work okay for like 5 minutes, then it just freezes up. The game play wont work, the audio stops, and if you pause the game, it will not get you to the pausing screen. I dont know if either the video game has a virus, I mean, I did save with cheat codes. Its frustrating.

Is there any suggestion to how I can fix it. Should I delete the save data on my memory card ?

Thanks in advance.

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It could be the system your playing it on. Try different games and if the same thing doesnt happen to other games then its prob a scratch on the disk

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Hi! Try to isolate the problem first. I understand that this only happens to this game and not in any other case. Get latest video drivers for your VGA. Keep the saves, but uninstall and the reinstall the game. Although I don't believe the saves have got something to do, try playing for a while without your saves (from the beginning). If it works fine, try loading a save and see what happens. Try to avoid cheats, it's not nice and not challenging. Good playing!

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