How can I fix this boyfriend issue :(?

I don’t love my boyfriend & he doesnt know at all! When he asked my if I’d be his, on msn, afew months ago, I had only known him for afew days, the rest was just random internet and phone chatting. I said I didnt think we should take it so fast and he got so angry.. soo anrgy man he like blew it. he said stuff like, how can we do all this romantic ily stuff and not call eachother a couple and that it was all bull S. He kept on going for afew minutes and so I said that I just wanted to see how he reacted if I said no, and that he did a pretty bad job and I should probably go to bed. Then he said I was bullting him, and then I went off. then he called one of my best mates in tears and she told him to text me so he texted me with a really long message being all nice and asking me again I was pretty scared what would happen if I said no.. so I said I would. And now he spent hundreds of dolars coming down to see me (we live in different states) and I feel guilty like all ! But my friends keep trying to give us “alone time” and it scares me because even though we talked about going slow he keeps on trying things and complaining that he cant give me any affection because he missed me so much. He also enrolled to a university down here and if he gets in he’ll be living here veryy close to me. Sometimes he used to say if he didnt get in he’d commit suicide, even though he already got accepted into one of the most prestegeous universities in the country, in his own state. This is day 2 and he’s down here for 7 days. I’ve only told one of my friends about this so far, its pretty shat. She suggested to try to get him to turn off me. Please if anyone else has any ideas?

Answer #1

be truthfull but kind so you don’t break his <3 .thx for asking.

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