How can I fix my ugliness?

I’m a 13 year old girl who has no self confidence and is very self conscious. I am african american but I have extremely light skin for a black person. My eyebrows are way too thick and I have some scars on my face that I can’t remove, no mater how hard I try. (from small pimples that I had when I was 11) I think that my nose is way too big to be wormal and it really upsets me. I know that people talk about the way I look behind my back and it really makes me nervous and unhappy. My friends and family say I look very pretty, but I don’t think so. Every picture that I take comes out horrible so I hate taking pictures and whenever I feel like I actually look okay, somebody gives me a disgusted look. It really hurts my feelings. I want to know how to make my face look pretty instead of the garbage it looks like.

Thanks Nae

Answer #1

just do it little by little…pluck your eye brows…get a good foundation that looks natural and covers your scars and then you can do all your other make up

Answer #2

I doubt it is that bad. I am always way worse on myself then other people are. You can pluck your eyebrows and the scars dont sound to bad so you should be able to cover them up with makeup. Try something new. Like getting your hair done differently or new clothes. And listen to your family! You may not feel beautiful but others see you differently. Good Luck and God Bless!

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