What is a good way to fix thick, medium lengthed hair?

whats a good fast way to fix thick medium length hair? I have a little bit of layers but not a lot, I need a new way to wear my hair because I wear the same way everyday- half up half down. It is gettin to be pretty ugly and boring. Please help!!!

Answer #1

You could go to the salon and get your hair thinned so it’s easier to do things with. I get it done all of the time, it makes my head feel lighter and my hair feel so much better.

Answer #2

u could leave some down and put 2 small ponytails up in the back sort of like this: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1200/1467316803_28547692e5.jpg

Answer #3

You could try some different up-do’s. Maybe straightening. Liven it up. Look around and find some things you like.

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