How can I eventually get my body hair to stop growing?

I really need an affordable way to remove body and facial hair. Something that will become permanent in about a year. I was thinking of a depilatory or a eletrolysis.

Answer #1

Laser treatments are really the safest way to stop hair growth. My mother owns a laser so I know these things.. The only thing is that it tends to be expensive, but it works like a charm. Save up and go for it ! It’s worth it if its for something you care dearly for.

Answer #2

I would go for the laser hair removal.. it works like magic.. but mikeh is right.. it takes several treatments and can be expensive! but its the only thing that can pretty much work!

Answer #3

Laser treatments are the only reliable way to stop hair growth. They are very effective, but also take several treatments to work, and can be expensive.

Answer #4

you cant change mother nature…

you will continue to grow hair…

take albsban12_1 advice and try waxing as it takes the root out I think which makes them take a lot longer to come back

Answer #5

I dont really think you can do that but waxing helps thin the hair but it wont stop growing its pretty much impossible

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