How can I delete everything of of a full flash drive?

I need to take things off a flash drive.I put some stuff in it that I didn’t want to and it filled it up.

Answer #1

(x=what ever letter the removable disk is) go to command prompt and type in format x : / but with no space between is so it would look like this if it was f drive format F:/

Answer #2

To totally clean the hardrive, you should format it every once in a while. Just right click it and click format, then quick format. This will delete everything on it too.

Answer #3

open the flash drive. when it opens in a window, the files on that drive will be shown. choose the files you want to delete. right click and choose delete.

if you want to delete everything, you can choose all (control + A) and delete everything.

at least that’s what I would do.

there’s a format drive too but I dont use it. haha

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