How do I delete everything off my micro sd card?

I have put my micro sd card into an sd adapter into my laptop. I want to delete everything off it, but it wont let me delete it. I was told by someone that I need to format it? And I dont no what that means. How can I delete all the stuff off it?

Answer #1

deleting everything off the card isnt a format midnightdreamer…

when its in your laptop, double click computer or my computer for xp..

find your card, right click it and select format.. if format isnt on the right click menu it will be in teh properties

Answer #2

Look for a lock switch on the card perhaps? There might be a little switch so you can’t accidentally delete things off of it. Most have one.

Answer #3

I’ve tried that and it doesn’t come up with the option to delete and when I press delete nothing happens.

Answer #4

you have to go into my computer and find the app buttion for your micro card once your into your micro card drag your mouse accross everything highlighting it all then simply right click and click delete.
now your card is formatted.

Answer #5

see image :)

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