How can I create playlists directly on my IPOD Nano?

I made the mistake of unsyncing my IPOD with ITunes because the songs were becoming too cumbersome on my computer (after unsyncing I deleted all the songs from ITunes). Now I can’t figure out how to create playlists on my IPOD itself. There has to be a way right?? Also, how can I delete songs off my IPOD? I don’t want to resync as it will delete all of my songs! Or is there a way to redownload the songs from my IPOD to ITunes and then make playlists?? Help please!

Answer #1

When you plug your iPod in the computer, you can change the settings to where you add the music onto your iPod manually. I make a playlist on iTunes, then plug my iPod in the computer, and add the playlist to my iPod. I also have it set to where it doesn’t delete any music on my iPod, just adds the new songs.

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