Why won't my iPod Nano sync?

My iPod lost all of its songs. I filled it with too many songs and it created an iPod selection. I deleted the iPod selection and now it says the iPod could not be updated because the selected playlists no longer exist. I guess it means the iPod selection. I can’t create a new one. And don’t tell me to drag the playlist into the iPod icon because it does not let me.

Answer #1

Hmm this is a tough one. Do you have Apple Care? If you do, you can just make an appointment at the Mac store and they’ll fix it or tell you what to do.

If the Internet is your only resource, you should head over to the Mac forums. They specialize in Mac stuff and can help you…


Answer #2

just take it 2 any store that sells ipods..like radio shack…and they can fix it for! thats wat i did!

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