How can I convince my sister that emo isn't disgusting?

Ok so my sister loves metal and I am emo ,I dress emo , I listen to screamo and she hates it . I think it’s due to th fact that I cut myself so if anyone have some advice for me please post

Answer #1

Personally, I don’t think you should label yourself at all. And tell me what’s not bad about cutting yourself. Sure as hell there’s nothing positive.

Answer #2

Well don’t call yourself emo… so basicaly your caling yourslef a type of music or things like that. Cutters are NOT EMOS they are people with emotional feelings that they can’t find other way to cope, I don’t know talk to a councelor, cutting is never ok, for anathing, I learned myself it can be addicting, and you’ll be killing yourslef little by little, And very few stop on their own…

I like rock, metal, and black… does it mean im emo? No it means I like those things, but im not labeling myself…

Answer #3

like @xxjulixx said don’t lable yourself dear your not soup mkayy And Mabe she just likes metal and does not want to convert to scremo I lvoe scremo as well But I Like metal sometiimes so just like give her time she might liek it later on down the road hope I helped Brii. Oh and the whole cuttign your self think I have also did it once before…Don’t do it please..I about killed myself doing cut just a lil to deep one time your gone for good now you don’t need to die thiers plently of people that would cry and miss you hunny so please stopp if you need anyhelp just funmail mee(:

Answer #4

sowi sowi sowi dont listen to those people or your sis emo is what you wanna be then be it

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