How can I block a number from calling my sprint phone???

I have a sprint phone and a number keeps calling me. Is there some way I can block it???

Answer #1

You can put 67707** and then the whole number so you can block the number that your gonna call , if you wanna prank call someone then use *67 (:

Answer #2

answer it and tell them youll call the police lol no call sprint. . !!!

Answer #3

you can do a reverse phone look up, best invention ever made! 1)go to google 2)type in the area code + phone number 3)one of the sites for reverse phone look up should pop up, click it 4)it costs money

  1. once you ordered it, it will show you who owns the phone, where they live, who they live with, and how much money they make
  2. pretty sweet!
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