How do you block numbers from calling and texting your cell phone?

I am getting harrasing texts and calls from someone. I would like to block them from calling or texing me.

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I need answer how to block certain number from calling and texting me so how do I go about it?

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harassment is against the law ;)

go to the local cop shop and show them the texts... trust me, this person will never bother you again :)

my phone network, t-mobile allow me to block numbers but its like a few quid a month... you have to phone them up and ask them to block the full number.

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You could call your cell phone company and which number I'd harassing you and I'm pretty sure they can block it, that happened to one of my friends and that's what she called her company and they blocked it for her so you could do that or you could just change your number. Whatever you prefer. Hope I've helped:)

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only the acount owner can make changes to the cell phones on your phone plan, so have the acount owner call the company your with and they will handle it from there, and if you are scared if telling the acount owner, than i am sorry for this situaiton,

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