How Can I Be More Organized?

I’m about to start school in a couple of weeks,and I am horrible with organizing. I’m always losing my homework,sheet music,and even workbooks sometimes.

Answer #1

don’t let anyone use your locker “if you have one” !

use a planner &and have folders or binders for each class ! !

&and uhm don’t know wht else. cause thts wht I usually do (:

Answer #2

What do you normally do? Does it feel the most comfortable to have one big binder or your backpack or something? What I tried for a while was having separate folders.. one for each class, and the newest & relevant stuff in the front. If there are assignments & information that you don’t need to have with you at school then you can either keep it at home in a place you can remember or recycle it if you really don’t need it.

Imo it’s pretty good to have wherever you keep stuff at in a theme for what it is. For my Japanese class I had a binder that had flattened pocky boxes and origami on it. For my English class, my teacher’s last name was Hartz so I had a notebook with hearts on it. xP

Answer #3

I usually have a binder for each subject because the teachers want individulat binders

I love pocky…

Answer #4

The key to organizing, starting a business, or just regaining control of your life is to leverage yourself without the cost of hiring a full staff or even a private assistant here in the states-who has the money for that in this economy?

I’ve been online outsourcing for almost 10 years now and I can tell you it’s the best decision I ever made. But don’t try and do it alone–too much trial and error. There is a lot of free information out there on the web–here is one I recommend that offers free training:

Here’s to regaining your sanity-

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