How to get rid of my headache?

I have a me get rid of it..please?

Answer #1

If you lightly squeeze in the tissue between your thumb and first finger…that can help. if not, just completly relax and lay down :)

Answer #2

I get headachs a lot to what I ushley do is take like 3 ibeprofen and rub my timpls and lay down in the dark and try to fall asleep try that it works for me

Answer #3

last night I had the worst headache and I don’t know why. So at like 4 in the morning and I woke my mom up and she said take 2 advil and put a wet washcloth on your forehead. Then the advil will make you drowsy and then you can sleep it off. I know what you going through they reallly hurt

Answer #4

usually a fat joint will get rid of a headache.

Answer #5

When I have a really bad headache, I take some excedrin and lie down. I normally fall asleep and sleep it off. :)

Answer #6

sounds good, it’s like..two o’clock in the morning!!

Answer #7

Take some Excedrin… they don’t call it “the headache medicine” for nothing!

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