How can fossils be found on high mountains?

For those who discount the biblical account of a flood, that wiped out all mankind, except for 7 people, how can the finding of fossils on high elevations, possibly be explained, if not for a global flood?

We live in a very high area, and we find them all the time, as we turn the ground for sowing or planting. If they are not evidence of a flood… how did they get there?

Answer #1

A number of reasons. Sea-levels change over time, landmasses rise and fall according to volcanic activity, and inland lakes come and go. Not to mention, there are animals that live high up.

Answer #2

Fossil distribution and layering are not consistent with a global flood, nor are the formations of mountain chains and valleys across much of the world. The theory of Noah’s ark rests on the assumption that all fossils were distributed at roughly the same time and therefore, must have been alive at roughly the same time. However, if you combine all of the fossils from one excavated location, such as the Karoo Formation in Africa, and if you say they were all alive at one time, the population density of species from that site alone would have been beyond anything the earth could possibly support.

Also, fossils are clearly layered in a manner consistent with the development of species. In other words, you don’t find trilobites in every strata, which you would expect to find if a global flood really happened. Every layer would contain the same fossil records, if a global flood deposited them all. Since this is obviously not the case, then Noah’s flood cannot possibly explain how all fossils got to be where they are.

The bottom line is, fossil layers are far to complex and extensive to be explained by a global flood. The story of Noah and the Ark is clearly fiction. It is physically impossible for Noah to have gathered two of every land and air dwelling species and sustained them all on a wooden boat for 40 days and 40 nights using pre-Bronze Age technology. I say again: it’s impossible.

Answer #3

Animals die all over the world, and they don’t need to be covered by water to fossilize. They could have been covered by mud, sand, dust.

Answer #4

Sorry, I posted in the wrong category, maybe someone can move this question to Religion and Spirituality. Thanks.

Answer #5

Most mountains are formed when two plates collide. One plate is forced under the other, forcing what was once level land upwards. You can even see that the geologic column is parallel to one side of many mountains. This, along with other forms of uplift, are why you can find fossilized marine creatures in high places; they were once the ocean floor.

If you’re hypothesizing that a global flood deposited them, wouldn’t you expect the sudden draining to have swept all the dead creatures off the mountaintops and into the valleys?

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