How can the dead contact us by music?

Can dead contact us through songs on the radio?
Are certain songs that I hear on the radio messages from my dead Mum? When I went to the cemetery, I heard the song on the radio. It said:"I'm not gone.. I live in you and in all the people.."Could this be a message form my mum?

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Unless the program director at the radio station you were listening to was the reincarnated embodiment of your mother, it's safe to chalk this one up to coincidence. The playlist for that moment was put into motion days beforehand.

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Possibly...personally I think everything in the universe is dependent on thoughts and emotions we put out into it...Like stuff happens to me a lot when, say, I'm listening to a song or TV show that says "hot dogs" right as I read a a social site post that says "Hot dogs" and has nothing to do with the song or TV show...

Some things are much more than coincidences :)

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The ghost in my house changes the radio station sometimes. O.o

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dead can not contact you in any way , but only dreams , only if you dreamed about that dead person and he was trying to tell you something

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Read Ecclesiates 9:5,10 and Psalms 146:4
These scriptures will answer your question for you.

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