How can a 19 year old lose weight FAST?

First impressions are everything and mine is not to bad at first 19, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’5 then you get to the weight …245 not exactly the impression I want to give. I am SICK of being so pretty if I would just lose the weight. Im tired of men not giving me so much as a secound glance. So I want to lose the weight but I am not a patient person I need something that works and works fast. I have a very small budget but am willing to try most anything. I want to lose 100 lbs and although im not putting a timeline on it I would like to see results quickly. please help!!

Answer #1

high fibre breakfast >> all bran (30%) light milk and Splenda cut out sugar cut out white bread, pasta and rice >> eat only brown, it’s actually not bad I love it eat more protein than carbs >> chicken, eggs, fish, lentils, beans, and other LEAN meats are awesome because they are harder to metabolise drink SHITLOADS of water >> it helps transport fat outta the body AND gets rid of toxins which make you store fat eat a bit breaky, then progressively eat less throughout the day avoid too much carbs after 3pm do some cardio 4 times a week >> its better to sprint, walk, sprint, walk… than jog the entire time sleep lots, its fights urges to eat junk

hope I helped :) let me know how it goes… im starting this too I feel GREAT so far

Answer #2

Eat healthy and exercise daily, that’s the only think that’ll work. Cut out soda and replace it for water, same with other unhealthy items of food, replace them with a healthy alternative and you’ll notice the changes yourself.

Answer #3

run 5 miles a day

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