How can I make my hair this big?

Tis amazing.

Answer #1

Thats what I do to my hair sometimes. I found a video for you that shows exactly how:

Answer #2

ya, like sophie said, tease it then comb it down a little so it looks normal. us lots of hairspray, but make sure it isn’t hard or greasy.

Answer #3

try back combing your hair, grabbin each strand of hair and brush it the oppistite way you brush your hair, so it all sticks up, then put wax or hair spray on it… also what helps me, is when I wash my hair and blow dry it, I put my head upseide down, and blow it that way wich gives it a lot of volume, and then I have 2 straighten it and tame it lol because it looks hella wild!! good luck x

Answer #4


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