How can you make your hair grow fast and long?

how can you make your hair grow realy long and fast

Answer #1

I was once told that onions in your diet are good for rapid hair growth. It could be a myth but my exhusband used to cook a lot with tons of onions and of course his hair grew fast. You figure this one out if you’d like.

Answer #2

smarty888, Keep it healthy. Get it trimmed regularly. It sounds weird to get regulary hair trims to make your hair grow, but if you don’t, the dead ends and split ends will slow down your hair growth. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #3

Get I your hair trimmed ever 5-8weeks about 1/2inch. Deep condition your hair. DONT or use at a minimum. Heating products like blow dryers,flat iorns,curlers ext… During the summer your hair tends to grow faster.

Answer #4

guzzle cum juice and dance in the rain!!!

Answer #5

get different parents…

Answer #6

run after you go to the bath room

Answer #7

Use all natural oils and trim it. don’t use any harsh chemicals or products that claim to do more than the original product is intended, such as a bodywash/shampoo/conditioner, unless it is approved by the government to not harm your hair. I read somewhere that commercial products contain chemicals that cause premature aging to your hair, and the best way to go is to make your own shampoos and oils and conditioners at home or buy organic ones if you can afford it. When you have healthy hair that is not clogged at the scalp, it will grow a lot faster than clogged and damaged hair. I hope this helps!

Answer #8

keep looking up at the sky…eat more…don’t do any sports…for like…1 month… and you’ll know the result right after looking at the mirror

Answer #9

lol.these answers are hysterical but I would say just take care of your hair and get it trimmed often.

Answer #10

get different parents…

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