How bad is a labret

I wanna get my labret done really bad but my mom said no because it is so bad for youre mouth, how bad is it actually for youre teeth and everything?

Answer #1

the back of the ring can ware away some of your gums.but that takes a while. and its really not bad for your teeth.

Answer #2

Some dangers I read:

Any labret piercings that feel numb or look white and tough after exposure to the cold should be evaluated by a doctor immediately to determine if it is frostbite. To protect your labret piercing in cold climates, don’t go outside in frigid weather without properly covering the lower half of the face.

Aspiration is another danger – this is the breathing in of a foreign body into the lungs – in this case, the jewelry stud or the flat post back that screws onto the back of the barbell. Anyone who ever breathes in or swallows one or all of the jewelry from a labret piercing should go to an emergency room immediately.

If swallowed, there is probably little danger, and the jewelry will eventually pass out of the system. If aspirated into the lungs, however, it is a medical emergency and will need to be treated immediately. Your chances of having these kinds of complications with labret piercings are slim, but they can and do occur, so be aware, be careful, and don’t ignore problems when they do arise.

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