How do you get a labret?

Ok thats not the actual the question the question is I wanna get my labret done but my mom said no because mouth piercings are so bad for your teeth how do I talk her into letting me get it done?

Answer #1

If she said no, then nothing in the world will convince her…wait until you’re old enough to decide for yourself.

Answer #2

You can try to hide it from her :) How? Ask the piercer to put a clear retainer instead of the stud. When you are around them, put some foundation on the retainer :) Once the piercing is ripe try to take it out when you are around her.

Answer #3

if you cant convinc her, maybe try and make a compromise yor just wait untill your old enough and can get it done by yourself also, theres no peircing called a labret the peice of surgical steel jewelrey (bar with screw on ball/spike) is called a labret

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