How bad do nose piercings compared to other piercings?

Ok so im 13 I have 7 piercings in all an industrial (kinda hurt) belly button(didnt hurt) and 4 lobe piercings (didnt hurt) so will a nose piercing hurt? What is the avarage cost. I have a high/meduim pain tolorence. How can I make it hurt less like put ice on it be4 I go in or take a tynol thx

Answer #1

im 14 I have my nose peirced and it didnt hurt me as much as I thought it would..but if you get it pick out the ring make sure its straight and not the cork screw..because when they put that in it hurts a lot..but over all the peircing didnt hurt at all =]

Answer #2

I just got my nose pierced a couple of weeks ago. Its the only piercing I have besides my ears. If you already have all those other piercings if shouldnt really hurt at all. I was scared at first but the piercer was totally cool and explained everything to me and calmed me down a lot. But you don’t really have nothing 2 wry about its just a poke, try 2 concentrate on something and it will be over before you know it. It depends where you go for the price. I payed $55:) Hope I helped!

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