how are you supposed to act when you are scene?

I am scene, but im not quite sure if I act right, how are you suposed to act when your scene?

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and annoying. :)

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I’m not the one asking ‘funadvice’ how to act scene..

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Thanks, I found that pretty helpful

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how old are you anyway???

im only 13

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the comment above this is for IYA

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Are you f_cking serious? PATHETIC.

Answer #8

act how you want. you dont have to fit the exact mold. im a prep nerd, but I dont act that way. if being scene is who you really are then by all means act that way.

really tho, im kinda curios to see the answer too.

from who I know, they are spunky, and energetic.

Answer #9

well why do you keep looking on here???

oh ya because you have no life so go away and quit bugging me because I dont really give a sh** what you think

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I’m leaving you alone now, It’s been fun little one.

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lol, I go online while I’m at work to ask Q’s and give people advice.. good or bad, idc.

Calm down, I’ll leave you alone:] haha.

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I do act like that, im just wondering if they have to be like mean or something

and merriemac whats annoying, this question, or the answer

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