How are ferrets illegal in california?

It’s almost my birthday and I’m getting either a chinchilla or ferret. But I want something that likes to play and eventully cuddle with me (: But Chinchillas are little haters and don’t like to do either so I was looking more into Ferrets. I live in California where I’ve been told many times that they are illegal, but I just saw a sign in a pet store that said they sell ferrets and ferret toys. Not a little ghetto place where they are sold illegally, but PetSmart. So are they illegal? Or can I own one with a license?

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I’ve had hampsters,guinea pigs(best little pets evr!)and bunnys(I have 1 currently)guinea pigs are really cuddly an will lay there with you but they do poop and pea a lot hampsters well they have three things on there minds wheel,food, bunny will lay with my well sit and she wont pee or poop(I’ve had her out for 1hour no poopy or p :) )ferrets are meanies I’ve gotten bitten by 2 of them still have the scar my ear and knee :( maybe they just hate me I don’t know…id consider a rabbit(ik you werent asking what the best cuddly pet was but I have nothing else to do so I decided to right this long thing lol) goodluckkk

Answer #2

Stick to fish, their easy, hungry and very very cuddly!!

Answer #3

its not illegal if you dont get caught, keep that in mind just in case :P

Answer #4

I got a guinea pig (:

Answer #5

I have 5. haha

Answer #6

yay piggys!

Answer #7

yay piggys!

Answer #8

In Cali ferrets have been declaired a wild animal, which is a total joke because they are a completely human bread animal that couldn’t hardly survive on its own given all the problems many females have with reproduction, all the organ problems they have etc.

To go a ferreting was a roman phrase (used to describe hunting weasles and other small game with ferrets) and I forget who, but we have human accounts of using them and breeding them from before then as well.

With an exotic pet license I am sure you could get one and you might be able to get one in your county somehow due to a local law.

Unless they have very recently changed the state law, I am pretty sure they are still a wild animal there…somehow…somehow.

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