How can I get a pregnancy test?

Well i dont know how to get a test. im only 16 and i cant go with my mother to the store to get one. She doesnt know i had s*x. And i did use protection but the condom fell off twice and broke once. This all happend one and two days after the last day of my period. Is it a good chance im pregnant?

Answer #1

they say 12 to 14 days after your last period its easer to get pregnant i would still get a test to be sure !! but wait to take the test at least 1 day after you have missed your period becouse if you do it before the HCG that the test searches for may be to small of a trace that the test wont catch it and may say negative when it should positive baically you want to avoid doing another test there is a new test that came out that is suppost to detect if your pregnat up to 4 before your due to start those are kinda pricy like 18 dollers now as far as getting one if you go to the store with your friend that a good time or if theres a store near your house you can always walk there without your mom or have a friend get you one that drives ? hope this helps

Answer #2

Make an appointment with Family Planning or Planned Parenthood. They will give you a test. They will also give you an exam and another form of birth control if you are having trouble with condoms. You do not need your parents to go with you, and they will even make sure your parents do not find out that you even went there.

So all you need to do is find the closest Planned Parenthood or Family Planning to you, make an appointment, and get a ride there.

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