What's there to do in a house with no power?

Answer #1

Well, apparently going online is still an option :)

Answer #2

if you have some flashlights you couldl read a book. Play Board games, sleep, visit with family

Answer #3

Colleen has a How To on making a battery from a lemon

Answer #4

This true :) But my phone has low battery :(

Answer #5

I saw that and wanted to try it but apparently we don’t have lemon’s or copper wire :/

Answer #6

Board games, homework/study, stare outside, draw/color. Go over to a friend’s house, snack do a couple of crossword puzzles or something. It’s very easy to entertain myself I don’t know about you.

Answer #7

Read a book, write, draw, finish homework if you got some, games, take a nap, clean around?

Answer #8

Sleep, that’s what I wish I could be doing right now!

Answer #9

cellphone probably

Answer #10

If you have brothers or sisters play hide and seek tag base (in the dark of course) lol !! I play it everytime the power goes out with my 3 little brothers hahah xD other stuff we do is play games on our ipod touches,listen to music umm sometimes I play guitar,piano,write new songs or poems,text my friends,umm yeah haha hope this helps.

Answer #11

sleep, eat, play board games, use the bathroom?

Answer #12

Go on the Internet or go to a store

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